Water Security Platform Additions – Improvements for Water Demand

Apr 16, 2020 | Blog, Water Risk | 0 comments

Platform Additions

We added some exciting features and platform additions for all current paying customers. New features should help with water usage estimations. We leverage an estimated average ET dataset obtained from the California Department of Water Resources. It provides a useful idea of how much water is needed per acre of land within a parcel.


1. Create a new parcel group

Create a parcel group.

Add any parcel into the group.



2. Set the crops

This step is optional if you know which crops are on the parcel and how many acres.

Click the “Override” button next to the parcel’s APN (or go to the override tab while viewing the parcel group).

Remove the incorrect crops and select from over 100 USDA-generated crop categories.



3. Add more parcels

  1. This step is also optional.
  2. If you know many parcels that are part of the same farm, or investment portfolio, add them all using the previous two instructions.


4. Run a PDF report on the group

  1. Go to the first tab of the parcel group (“About”).
  2. Scroll to the “Run Report” button and click it.
  3. We’ll email you once the PDF report is done, or you can hit the refresh button. It should take less than a minute.




5. View water demand on the PDF – Platform Editions

  1. Download the report PDF
  2. Scroll to the individual parcel composition section.
  3. Find the “Estimated Water Demand” section.




We hope you found this overview of our platform editions helpful! 

Please contact your account executive, or our support chat, if you have any questions.



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