Water Security Platform

Mitigating water risk with data

An easier way to identify and monitor water risk

Stop making multiple phone calls, visiting county offices, searching dozens of websites, and waiting weeks for answers from consultants. Save time. Save money. More accurately identify water risk and make confident decisions with the first SaaS platform purpose-built for water risk analysis and discovery.


AQUAOSO’s Water Security Platform is an industry-first in the world of water data. Cloud-based, secure, and visually driven, users can search by parcel and/or “point and click” on a digital map of farmland to discover comprehensive water-related information. It empowers the discovery of acquisition opportunities, assessment of current properties, and outputs a third-party report supporting critical decisions.


View water assets & delivery history down to an individual parcel


Track hundreds of water agencies with the click of a button


Save time on research and due diligence efforts


Sharable reports


  • Streamline due diligence and validate information. The water research tool is map-based. It allows you to quickly validate comprehensive water and farming information related to a property or a borrower. It is ideal for screening acquisition and lending opportunities, assessing current properties, or providing a third-party report supporting investment, loan and acquisition decisions.

The tool provides information about:

  • Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (California)
  • Water district delivery information
  • Water rights
  • Water wells
  • Land ownership
  • Soil, Crops, Water quality
  • Endangered species zones
  • Groundwater depth
  • And more data available on a state by state basis.
AQUAOSO Water Security Dashboard
AQUAOSO Water Security Platform
  • Be ready for California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Don’t worry about reading and staying current with the 250+ new groundwater plans. As draft plans are released AQUAOSO provides updated analyses and groundwater allocations..
  • Live chat. Leverage the live chat feature to aid in your research, find out how to use new features, or request more water district information.
  • Strengthen relationships.  Provide your customers with greater insights and stimulate more meaningful discussions.
  • Reduce data collection.  When paired with GIS Connect, AQUAOSO helps you do more, in less time, while improving data quality and reducing money spent managing data.
  • Generate reports. Generate, save, or share date stamped multi-parcel water and land PDF reports to facilitate communication in meetings and documentation of your research. Export your reports to PDF, HTML, XLS or download the assets for your own reports.
  • Evergreen & cloud based. With evergreen updates, there is no paying for data updates. Cloud based means no IT resources will be spent on integration efforts.
  • Capture market share. Capturing additional market share becomes easier with the Water Security Platform. As a marketing tool, you will differentiate yourself from competitors and showcase your expertise.

Put trended water and land data to work for you.

Assessing water risk is made easy through AQUAOSO’s flexible software modules. We support the operating environment of the modern agricultural economy.

Who We Serve

Farm Credit System

See how AQUAOSO’s data acclimation platform drives new levels of efficiency for farm credit lenders.


Learn how AQUAOSO’s data acclimation platform serves the modern agricultural lender.

Food Brands

See how AQUAOSO’s data acclimation platform helps food brands mitigate risk.


Learn how AQUAOSO’s data acclimation platform helps investors make informed decisions.


See how AQUAOSO’s data acclimation platform helps insurance companies mitigate risk.

Water Security Platform Regions

The Water Secutity Platform is region-specific, please click the state to learn more. More states are currently under development. Let us know which states are important to you.

It’s more than just water to us, it’s life.

We live in a world of water scarcity so we must find innovative ways to more efficiently allocate this most precious resource.

From Our Clients

Learn why Farmers, Co-ops and Packer Shippers trust AQUAOSO.

“At Porterville Citrus, we are always looking out for our growers’ best interests so when we realized AQUAOSO’s ability to provide a deeper understanding of our growers’ water risk, we knew they were the clear choice. Thanks to AQUAOSO, we have an even deeper understanding of both our growers’ water assets and water threats, which has put Porterville Citrus in a much stronger position to mitigate than ever before.”

Jim Phillips

Porterville Citrus

“AQUAOSO’s powerful research tool helps give me a deep understanding of water and soil assets on a property even before the first site visit.”

Marc Schuil

Owner, Schuil & Associates

“I have been continually impressed with AQUAOSO’s commitment to customer service. We use the Mapping and Research Tool and at our request AQUAOSO expanded the information covered in their reports. This eliminated the need to visit multiple websites to gather information and we’ve been happy with the result!”

Melissa Sandlin

Sr. Appraiser, American AgCredit

“Using AQUAOSO has helped me cut down on research time and has provided me more water information than ever before! It is now the first step in my loan underwriting process and it has allowed me to devote more time toward expanding our loan portfolio.”

Laura Maffei

SVP, Community West Bank

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