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AQUAOSO’s advanced data acclimation platform was purpose built for Farm Credit Associations.


Acquire And Keep More Customers

Improve Real Time Risk Decisions

Enhance Customer Relationships

Monitor And Report On Your Portfolio

Gain a trusted, comprehensive view of your loan, borrower, collateral, appraisal, chattel, land and climate data in easy to understand reports, maps and analytics. There is a reason Farm Credits lenders rely on AQUAOSO.

  • AQUAOSO ensures you have access to practical, on-demand insights at a fraction of the expense of employing in-house resources or retaining an outsourced consultant.
  • AQUAOSO gives you access to the information you need, in an easy to use interface, with prebuilt integrations and workflows designed specifically for Farm Credits.
  • AQUAOSO is a low-risk and low cost solution, with short implementation timelines compared to hiring, training, implementing and maintaining your own GIS decision support tools.
  • AQUAOSO is provided as a subscription in a secure and cloud-based environment. It requires minimal IT resources from you or your organization.

Acclimate your data to a changing environment.

Assessing risk is made easy through AQUAOSO’s flexible software modules. We support the operating environment of the modern Farm Credit Association.



GIS Connect

Manage and view your loan, appraisal, borrower, chattel, and sales data all in one place via a highly secure, easy to use interface. The solution comes equipped with advanced analytics and portfolio monitoring workflows built with the modern Farm Credit lender in mind. Prebuilt APIs with the CRM, ERP, Appraisal and Sales software tools you use daily. Acclimate your data with third party data sources, like parcel data, soil data, and climate data such as wildfire maps and AQUAOSO’s Water Security Platform.

AQUAOSO GIS Portfolio Tool
AQUAOSO Water Security Platform

Water Security Platform

AQUAOSO’s advanced water research and intelligence software, developed to reduce the time you spend looking for valuable water data, understanding the impact of regulations (such as SGMA) and tracking changes to water delivery information over time. Delivered on demand to your team in easy to use reports and analytics.


Analytics and Consulting

Complete the picture with access to the right talent, insights and technology to develop custom reports, analytics and training. 

Case Studies

When looking to become more efficient in its water validation process, Community West Bank turned to AQUAOSO for a deeper look into answering specific water questions necessary for completing the loan application process. Laura M. from Community West Bank chose to make AQUAOSO a necessary first step when identifying water risk, a primary factor in the bank’s loan underwriting process. This decision was based on AQUAOSO’s ability to deliver extensive water information at the click of a button. Laura was spending a lot of time on her water due diligence, taking her away from completing other important tasks. With the help of AQUAOSO research tool, Laura has cut down her time spent on water research by 85% and gets all the water information she needs and more.

Community West Bank

"ESG integration has always been a part of MIM’s disciplined risk management culture. Specific to agricultural lending, we recognize that rapid climate change and related environmental impacts can pose risks for our agricultural loans. As part of our ongoing efforts to continually strengthen our risk assessment and management processes, MIM entered into an agreement with AQUAOSO, a water risk software system, in 2019 to better ensure the sustainability of the loans we provide in California. The software allows us greater insight into the risks associated with borrowers’ land and land practices by providing on-demand research and custom reports based on proprietary and public data."

MetLife Investment Management (MIM)

From Our Clients

Learn why AQUAOSO supports 98% of California Farm Credit loan volume.

“I have been continually impressed with AQUAOSO’s commitment to customer service. We use the Mapping and Research Tool and at our request AQUAOSO expanded the information covered in their reports. This eliminated the need to visit multiple websites to gather information and we’ve been happy with the result!”

Melissa Sandlin

Sr. Appraiser, American AgCredit

“Using AQUAOSO has helped me cut down on research time and has provided me more water information than ever before! It is now the first step in my loan underwriting process and it has allowed me to devote more time toward expanding our loan portfolio.”

Laura Maffei

SVP, Community West Bank

“I love how user friendly AQUAOSO’s research tool is and how fast it is to generate detailed water and soil reports, which are perfect for gathering parcel information for our loans.”

Juli Bakker

Golden State Farm Credit

“Over the past several months of utilizing the AQUAOSO platform, it has allowed me to provide clear and concise information to our collateral department and appraisers, to speed the process along. I have also been able to utilize it in working with customers to complete required sources of irrigation forms, with information from a single source rather than sending them to chase down documents from multiple agencies. This has saved a us up to two weeks and helped us to meet deadlines.”

Josh Ollenberger

Regional Sales Officer, CGB AgriFinancial

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