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Our Values

Founded in 2016, AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC is a public benefit corporation. Our geospatial data management, water, and climate security platform provides transparency into an aggregated information source of what used to be dozens of disparate pieces of information.

We are doing what we do because we believe it has to be done for the betterment of society and the earth as a whole. Human beings need to evolve in our relationship to our planet and most critical resources such as water.

  • We Value Diversity
  • We Create Ethical Technology
  • We Believe In Open Communication
  • We Build Trusted Partnerships

We’re a fun and highly driven team of water risk, data, and software experts. Join us in building a water resilient future through advanced technologies.



We Dive Deep Into

Risk & Data Management

The AQUAOSO team has extensive experience and expertise in risk and data management solutions & in the ag sector. We believe that financial institutions play a key role in building climate and water resilience, especially in agriculture. Climate fintech paves the way forward.

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