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It's More Than Water. It's Life.


Our Story


We live in a world of water scarcity so we must find innovative ways to more efficiently allocate this most precious resource. According to the US Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security “By 2030, humanity’s annual global water requirements will exceed current sustainable water supplies by 40%.”

AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to build a water resilient future through Intelligent Trust. AQUAOSO uses data science and machine learning to provide meaningful insight into water data and provide advanced water risk management and mitigation tools for the agricultural economy. Farmers, brokers, appraisers, lenders, and water managers use the AQUAOSO tools daily to identify, understand, monitor and mitigate water-related risks.

We Dive Deep into Water


The AQUAOSO team has extensive experience and expertise in the water sector. To us water is definitely more than a commodity. It is the lifeblood that fuels our passion to bring technology and transparency to water data for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Our Impact


Increased Transparency

  • Unified Data
  • Increased Accountability

Unlocked Value of Water

  • Articulate Market
  • Enhanced Value

Improved Efficiency

  • Encourage Conservation
  • Enable Efficient Allocation

Increased Availability

  • Increased Natural Allocations
  • Improved Access to Underserved Communities

Community Resiliency

  • Protect Food Security
  • Reduced Water Risk

Expert Team Members


Christopher Peacock

Founder & CEO
MBA, 20 years in Water Tech
Founder, Water Innovation Project
Operations Leader

chris brighter

Cameron Burford

Co-founder & Head of Growth
JD/MBA, 3rd Generation Farmer
McGeorge School of Law & U.O.P.
Agriculture and Land Management

Ken Hunt

Senior Software Architect
Engineering software systems for 30 years
Web, Mobile, Modeling & Simulation

Kennneth B Hunt, Smooth Complexion

Jeff Parrish

Head of Technology
MSW, Neuroscience
SaaS Engineering, GIS, Machine Learning

Blake Atkerson

Head of Product
J.D., LLM Water Resources Law
Data Connoisseur

Blake son of atker
chelsea horn profile

Chelsea Horn

Account Exec
MBA, 3rd Generation Farmer
Agriculture and Land Management



Joseph McIntyre

Agriculture Strategic Advisor
Founder Ag Innovations


Jon Grant

Ecosystem Partnership Advisor
Chief Strategy Officer EMAGIN

Peter Beland

Strategic Partnership Advisor
Founder Stepwell Water Consulting


William Sarni

Water Strategy Advisor
CEO Water Foundry

Wes Miliband

Water Law Advisor
Partner, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo


Stan Yamamoto

Marketing Advisor
Founder MOTO Marketing

Peter Williams

Strategy, Tech, Water Advisor
Former CTO, IBM Big Green Innovations


AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC

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