It’s More Than Water. It’s Life.

We live in a world of water scarcity so we must find innovative ways to more efficiently allocate this most precious resource. According to the US Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security “By 2030, humanity’s annual global water requirements will exceed current sustainable water supplies by 40%.”  A critical problem is the existing water markets lock away the true value of water and mute pricing signals that could otherwise lead to efficient allocations. This leads to the waste of billions of gallon of water a year – water that could help make life more sustainable.

Founded in 2017, AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC is a public benefit corporation. We saw the need to develop a unified, automated platform to buy, sell and research water rights in order to build a water resilient future through advanced technologies. Our water trading platform provides transparency and insight that enables smart water markets that significantly saves money and time, reduces risk and encourages the efficient use of water. AQUAOSO is a Better Way to Trade.

We Dive Deep into Water

The AQUAOSO team has extensive experience and expertise in the water sector. To us water is definitely more than a commodity. It is the lifeblood that fuels our passion to bring technology and transparency to the water market for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Our Impact


Unified Data

Increased Accountability

Unlocked Value
of Water

Articulate Market

Enhanced Value


Encourage Conservation

Enable Efficient Allocation


Increased Natural Allocations

Improved Access to Underserved Communities


Protect Food Security

Reduced Water Risk

Expert Team Members

peacock headshot 3

Christopher Peacock
Founder & CEO

MBA, 18 years in Water

Founder, Water Innovation Project

Water rights marketing and trading

BlakeBio Picture

Blake Atkerson
Water and Data Strategist

J.D., LLM Water Resources Law


Cameron Burford
Business Development / Strategy

JD/MBA, 3rd Generation Farmer

McGeorge School of Law & University of the Pacific

Agriculture and Land Management


Jeff Parrish

Tech and Software Development

Tech guru and Coffee Roaster



Joseph McIntyre

Agriculture Strategic Advisor
Founder Ag Innovations


Jon Grant

Ecosystem Partnership Advisor
Director Ops & Strategy EMAGIN


Peter Beland

Strategic Partnership Advisor
Founder Stepwell Water Consulting


William Sarni

Water Strategy Advisor
CEO Water Foundry


Wes Miliband

Water Rights Advisor


Stan Yamamoto

Marketing Advisor
Founder MOTO Marketing