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Programmatic Assistance with Water Data – PAWD

The AQUAOSO Programmatic Assistance with Water Data (PAWD) initiative is part of the broader AQUAOSO values: People, Place, and Community Matter.

This is about starting a conversation around water and we are here to help!

Data Assistance

Water risk is the sleeping giant for California’s economy. Over 40 percent of agricultural communities are reliant on groundwater for all their water needs. Some 360,000 Californians are served by a water system providing unsafe drinking water.

More importantly, those that are already at risk of unclean water and disruption in the agricultural industry stand to lose even more as California evolves into a dryer, water-stressed state. Disadvantaged communities need help from the brave few willing to pursue the challenging task of balancing the inequity found in those communities. Unfortunately, many are willing but lack the resources to make meaningful impacts in our rural communities. AQUAOSO is ready to form new partnerships with the willing to fill resource gaps in water data collection and analysis.

PAWD allows small non-profits to benefit from the research and technology that is typically out of reach due to resource constraints. PAWD organizations form a partnership with AQUAOSO to provide the right data for an organization’s grant application or compliance needs. While this is not a grant of funds, the data assistance is invaluable.

Examples of how PAWD may benefit an organization include:

  • Determining communities within a county that are experiencing surface water shortages.
  • Providing evidence of communities located in groundwater reliant and overdrafted basins.
  • Identifying relevant water districts and groundwater sustainability agencies that impact disadvantaged communities.
  • Foundational data for focused research into water supply impacts to disadvantaged communities.

To apply, please fill out the form below and include:


Your organization's mission as it relates to water


How you have helped disadvantaged communities


Grants that you are actively applying for or renewing that require water data

Apply To Our PAWD Program

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