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DENVERMarch 21, 2024 — Agcor, an AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC brand, a leading provider of agricultural lending software solutions, announces a significant milestone in its partnership with AgWare, a premier developer of innovative appraisal software. For over two years, the integration between Agcor and AgWare has been redefining the efficiency and accuracy of agricultural lending appraisals.

The partnership originated from shared recognition of challenges faced by agricultural lenders, particularly in transferring the extensive data from Agcor’s platform to AgWare’s appraisal software. Understanding the risks of manual data entry, both companies united to streamline the process and enhance the user experience.

“Our commitment to empowering our customers with seamless and efficient solutions is at the heart of everything we do,” said Chris Peacock, CEO of Agcor. “For over two years, our integration with AgWare has optimized agricultural lending appraisals, ensuring precision while simplifying workflows.”

Through this integration, appraisers are empowered to automatically populate Agcor data into AgWare, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This enhancement enables appraisers to focus on analysis and decision-making, optimizing productivity and effectiveness. As a result, appraisers can manage a greater number of cases without compromising quality, ensuring positive borrower experiences and heightened satisfaction.

“We are proud to celebrate over two years of partnership with Agcor,” added Mark Elder of AgWare. “Through our integrated platforms, we are reshaping the landscape of agricultural lending appraisals, empowering appraisers with the tools they need to thrive in a dynamic industry.”

The success story of Agcor and AgWare demonstrates a shared commitment to innovation and collaboration in addressing the evolving needs of agricultural lenders. Looking ahead, both organizations remain dedicated to exploring further integrations that anticipate and exceed customer expectations.

“We are continuously exploring ways to enhance our integration and provide even more value to our customers,” concluded Peacock. “Our teams are actively working on future enhancements that will further streamline the appraisal process and empower agricultural lenders with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.”

About Agcor:
Agcor is a proven suite of location-based lending software, data, maps, and analytics purpose-built to empower trusted relationships between ag lenders and their borrowers.

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About AgWare:
AgWare, Inc. is a software company based in South Dakota that develops and maintains efficient, easy-to-use, and flexible tools for processing agricultural appraisals.

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