Below are five observations that I will be expanding upon in three of my upcoming presentations on the future of #smartwater and #watermarkets.

  1. Water-as-a-service is very different than water-as-a-commodity. Think central vs decentralized treatment, municipal vs. bottled, irrigation districts vs. water rights.
  2. Solving real water issues – whether climate change related, municipal delivery, storage, the human right to water or agricultural allocations – requires us to incorporate economies of scope, scale and trust into solution sets.
  3. Water has it’s own supply chain, but is part of many other supply chains. We oftentimes overlook this simple fact.
  4. Technologies will not solve our water challenges alone. They must be incorporated into the broader system of thinking – and with each other. #AI, #IoT, #blockchain and other tech reach real potential when integrated with one another and the related business models.
  5. #Agriculture will be the real driver for #waterresiliency. The municipal space is mostly about refining business models, maximizing allocations and fixing operational inefficiencies. Ag is undergoing a major transformation and has the power to enable a true #circulareconomy – think embedded water and water re-use.

Interested in learning more about my upcoming presentations? You can find my most recent list of scheduled events here.

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