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AQUAOSO Making Waves at the
8th Annual Entrepreneurs Showcase Accelerator
New Water Rights Trading platform gaining significant support from tech organizations and investors
Granite Bay, CA – May 1, 2017 – AQUAOSO™, an early-stage water management and trading platform that helps customers identify, manage, buy and sell water rights, has been receiving critical recognition from key tech and investor organizations due to its mission to build a water resilient future through advanced technologies.
Christopher Peacock, Founder/CEO of AQUAOSO said, “We are very honored that we were selected to participate in the 2017 Entrepreneurs Showcase Accelerator in Sacramento and being a presenter at the 8th Annual Entrepreneurs Showcase Demo Day. This demonstrates that water rights management is an increasingly critical issue for the future of global sustainability.”
The current process for buying and selling water rights is broken which is destroying the true value of water by billions of dollars and muting pricing signals that results in the inability to efficiently allocate water around the world. AQUAOSO combines knowledge of water markets with IoT technologies and big data to reimagine how we manage, trade and view water resources. AQUAOSO helps customers identify, manage, buy and sell water rights while significantly saving money and time, reducing risk and encouraging conservation. It’s like Zillow, for Water.
“We selected AQUAOSO primarily due to their mission to build a resilient water future through advanced technologies that enable smart water markets“ said Aaron Anderson of the Entrepreneurs Showcase Accelerator. “Sacramento is a hub of agriculture, water, and sustainability startups, and Chris is building a great company that will take advantage of all our region has to offer.”
The AQUAOSO team consists of highly respected water industry veterans. The initial focus of the company is California agriculture with eventual expansion in the global water trading market. The platform is scheduled to be a fully operational by 4th Quarter of 2017.
AQUAOSO™ is a public benefit corporation that is building a water rights management and trading platform to provide transparency and insight into water data and transactions for all stakeholders. We enable smart water markets with big data and IoT devices to increase the efficient allocation of water while enhancing agricultural value. We unlock the true value of water and encourage the efficient use of water in the face of extreme weather events and urban growth while protecting our food supplies and building a water resilient future. AQUAOSO is A Better Way to Water Trade.
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Chris Peacock, Founder/CEO
Phone:  916.245.0560
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