At AQUAOSO(TM) we believe there is a better way to manage our water resources. Starting with the way we trade. Leveraging state of the art technologies, deep expertise in the water market, stakeholder engagement and a team rooted in California innovation, AQUAOSO delivers solutions to solve our existing and future water challenges.
AQUAOSO is a water management and trading platform that combines knowledge of water markets with IoT technologies and big data to reimagine how we manage, trade and view water resources.
The AQUAOSO platform will ultimately change the way water is distributed to help us meet our agricultural, municipal, industrial and environmental needs. AQUAOSO is built on a foundation of stakeholder engagement.
AQUAOSO reduces the cost of transactions, expedites the transfer process, increases transparency, and provides greater accessibility to all stakeholders.
We are launching a beta version of our online water trading platform for California in the spring of 2017.
Interested in joining our mission to transform an entire market-place? Want to participate as a stakeholder as we finalize the initial design?
Sign-up today and help contribute to the mission!

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