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AQUAOSO Accepted by Valley Ventures Accelerator Program
Water Management Platform to Strengthen Agricultural Capabilities

Granite Bay, CA – August 30, 2017 – AQUAOSO™, an early-stage water management and trading platform that helps customers manage, identify, buy and sell water rights was recently accepted by Valley Ventures, a BlueTechValley Accelerator. Their program is dedicated to the advancement of water, energy or technology startups focused on agricultural applications.

“Participating in Valley Ventures is a great honor for us since one of our core markets is agriculture.” said Christopher Peacock, CEO/Founder of AQUAOSO. “Valley Ventures’ extensive experience, quality of mentors in the program and relationships within the agriculture and investor communities is extremely impressive.”

AQUAOSO combines knowledge of water markets with IoT technologies and machine learning to reimagine how all stakeholders manage, trade and view water resources to build a water resilient future. AQUAOSO recently launched a beta version of its water trading platform in July 2017 and is focused on helping Groundwater Sustainabilty Agencies, agricultural customers and water managers gain greater insight into their operations.

“AQUAOSO met a critical requirement of having a business model with high potential to scale locally and internationally.” said Benjamin Francis at Valley Ventures. “We’re looking forward to helping them build their expertise in agricultural markets and advance their innovative water rights platform further.”

“We continue to gain strong support within the water industry since there is a definite need for transparency and insights into water data to enable smarter water markets,” continued Peacock. “AQUAOSO helps reduce costs, time and risk associated with managing water data.”

AQUAOSO™ is a Sacramento based public benefit corporation building a water resilient future through advanced technologies. The AQUAOSO water rights management and trading platform provides transparency and insight into water right data for all stakeholders. We enable smart water markets with data and IoT devices to increase the efficient allocation of water while enhancing agricultural value. We unlock the true value of water, encouraging conservation and the efficient allocation of water in the face of extreme weather events and urban growth while protecting our food supplies and social contracts with agriculture. A Better Way to Water Trade.

Media Contact
Chris Peacock, Founder and CEO
Phone:  916.949.5678

About the Valley Venture BlueTechValley Accelerator Program
By leveraging the Central Valley’s resources and access to agricultural business connections, we’ve created an accelerator that’s more than just an educational program; it’s an environment for entrepreneurs to turn their visions into revenue-generating solutions. Valley Venture prepares companies to access investment opportunities, generate revenue, and establish a solid understanding of the industry. Valley Ventures is Invested in the Future of Agriculture.

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