Who We Are …
AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC is a public benefit corporation on the cutting edge of water and technology. Our dedicated team is working towards a water resilient future using innovative, ethical technology as a tool to tackle 21st century water issues. As a public benefit corporation we believe that people, place, and community truly matter. By shining the light on water data, we can increase decision-maker ability to form intelligent, informed decisions about their business, government district, farm, etc. by providing actionable intelligence in mitigating risks associated with water.
What We Do …
Turning raw data into refined catalysts for action is a messy process. We take on the dirty job of wading through unorganized and hard to locate data. Just as you may find a valuable vintage item at a local yard sale, we are on the hunt for valuable data that can assist in improving our current platform. We then polish, analyze, and present actionable insights to our clients in a clean, clear, concise manner. Data alone is not useful; the right data, in the right format, at the right time is invaluable.
What We Need …
We are need of an individual who does not mind getting their hands dirty with raw data. We need a creative and analytical person to assist with collecting, cleaning, and communicating the importance of that data. We are looking specifically for:

  • Experience cleaning data sets and transforming them into machine learning training data.
  • A solid understanding of California’s water systems including the Central Valley Project and State Water Project.
  • Experience using statistical analysis to glean insights from large data sets.
  • Personable demeanor with a high comfort level for phone communication.
  • Ability to communicate project results in a clear, logical and engaging manner.
  • A positive attitude and willingness to take ownership of assigned projects.
  • Understanding of R and SQL is a plus!
  • Geographic Information Systems knowledge is also a plus!

What You Need to Do Next …
Has your inner data nerd started shouting at you to apply? If so, please contact Blake Atkerson, Water and Data Strategist at blake.atkerson@aquaoso.com. Please put “Data Internship” in the subject line. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Oh ya, we do pay you for your time and endeavor to provide an enriching experience that everyone can benefit from.

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