The AQUAOSO Water Research Platform offers a variety of data sources all in one place. Effectively wielding the tool and integrating it into your workflow is an important step to enhancing your water research.

Q: I want to know more about wells in the area I am researching, can you help me out with that? 
A: Certainly. We collected a massive amount of well data from the Department of Water Resources in the form of Well Completion Reports. These reports are required when a groundwater well is first drilled and when it is modified. The reports catalog well information including the well owner and depth of well at the time the report is filed.  
Q: Great! But how do I look at the well information and view the report? 
A: You can turn on the Well Completion Report layer in the platform and zoom in the map until you see the blue triangles signifying wells for the immediate area. Note that DWR location information for wells is not perfect and when there were issues with proper well location they would center the location in the middle of the PLSS (Public Land Survey System). Then you can hover over the blue triangle and see the well information and a link stating “view” to the original well completion report. Below is an example image:  
Screenshot of groundwater wells on a map
Q: What if I already have the well completion report number? 
A: If you have the exact number, you can search well completion reports by selecting the “Wells” tab and inserting the number in the search box. Then just press “Search.” 

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