Facing Uncertainty by Collaborating Together

In today’s climate there is a glut of uncertainty. We are all faced with it. As humans, fear, doubt, and a longing to know the future are part of our DNA. And yet, a situation that creates massive uncertainty also creates a massive opportunity to build partnerships, coalitions, and strengthen bonds. If we are going to make sense out of an uncertain future, we will need to collaborate, share, and rely on others more than ever before.


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Working Remote Does Not Mean Working Alone

I observed the groans and sighs as fellow members of the community health clinic board – I am honored to be a part of – fumbled their way through the sign-on, microphone, and video setup for our first remote conference call, some never made it on the video. There were drop-offs on internet connections and multiple people talking over each other at once creating a cacophony of earnest ideas. That’s okay. The important thing was bringing together our board members and keeping the collaborative spirit alive

From daily operations meetings, to client or customer focused interviews, to a simple chat with a co-worker, we all can foster that spirit of collaboration. Technology has made it possible to share thoughts at a scale multiple orders of magnitude faster than a mere 30 years ago. But what do we do with that technology? We can use and improve the tools we have to handle disruptions to our traditional workflows, or create new workflows entirely. Efficiencies are abound. If we are going to survive and succeed we must utilize technology to connect humans and ideas efficiently and effortlessly.

Innovation Accelerates in Unprecedented Times


The daily mantra from the media is that we are seeing something unprecedented. What history tells us is that humans thrive on facing the unknown and working out solutions to the seemingly unsolvable. Undaunted by the magnitude of calamity, our ancestors crossed oceans, created antibiotics, and harnessed the power of the atom. We are explorers and innovators at our best.



Many innovations are brought about by necessity. AQUAOSO Technologies is no different. We created software tools based on a need to understand, identify, monitor, and mitigate risks to water supply. A need for clarity and a level of assurance for an unclear climate future. Now that we are faced with another global adversary in COVID-19, we are answering the call to innovate.




We want our customers to stay connected within their organization and to their external collaborators. With AQUAOSO’s research tool, you can create groups of properties you are analyzing. Additionally, you can leave notes, attach photos and documents, and place markers on the map that others in your organization can view. This allows you to collaborate online, viewing all of the relevant data associated with that group, without needing to physically meet.



We are excited about these innovations and will continue to provide support and collaborate with our customers and partners to innovate further. Working together is the best way to face the unknown. Here at AQUAOSO we are facing the unknown with you, humans building tools to help humans.

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