Understanding your properties requires organizing your data in a way that best fits your workflow. Groups allows you to organize parcels while you research and add groups to your portfolio.* Gone are the days of digging through computer and physical files, wading through emails, and circling back to folks to obtain notes and impressions. With AQUAOSO, you can organize your data and see progress with a few clicks.

*Contact AQUAOSO if you would like to upgrade to Portfolio


Groups Tab

You can now create groups of parcels in the groups tab!
  • Click on the new Groups Tab.
  • See your groups, and organization’s groups, from the left sidebar.

Creating Parcel Groups

Creating new Parcel Groups is Easy!
  • Click the plus sign to create a new group.
  • Add a value to the group.
  • Next, you can add parcels.

Building Your Group

Add parcels to your group by click on the parcel and selecting add.
  • Click on a parcel and see information on the right sidebar.
  • You can either run a quick single report, or add the parcel to a group.
  • Once added, you can “override” information about the owner or crops as you learn more about the property.
  • You can even run a report on the entire group.

Viewing Your Group

Quickly view your entire group on the map.

Better Collaboration

Working together creates important efficiencies that save organizations time and money. We now offer better ways to collaborate with notes and files.

Add Notes

Add notes like well locations and information to your group and parcel!

Upload Files

Upload files like appraisal reports associated with a group and parcel.

Portfolio Tool Integration

Show sidebar of web page.
You can see your portfolio groups in the sidebar.

Workflows and Assistance

Some of the common problems our customers face revolve around integrating new workflows into their existing structure. We are happy to discuss with you further on how AQUAOSO can increase productivity and make your water and land research easy.

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