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AQUAOSO Selected as Top 10 Idea by OpenIDEO Water Resilience Challenge
CEO Christopher Peacock to Present New Platform at Sustainatopia
Granite Bay, CA – May 8, 2017 – AQUAOSO™, an early-stage water management and trading platform that helps customers identify, manage, buy and sell water rights, continues to receive critical recognition for its mission to build a resilient water future through advanced technologies. The company was recently selected as a Top 10 Idea in the recent Water Resilience Challenge by OpenIDEO, a worldwide organization tackling some of the toughest global issues.
“We are honored to be one of the top 10 ideas in OpenIDEO’s 2017 Water Resilience Challenge. By increasing the transparency and unification of disparate data sources and devices, we will begin to more accurately account for our water and where it is being used,” said Christopher Peacock, CEO/Founder of AQUAOSO. “Due to this selection I was asked to showcase AQUAOSO at Sustainatopia on May 9th.”
AQUAOSO combines knowledge of water markets with IoT technologies and big data to reimagine how we manage, trade and view water resources. AQUAOSO helps customers identify, manage, buy and sell water rights while significantly reducing risk, building resiliency and encouraging conservation. AQUAOSO enables smarter water markets and watersheds around the globe.
“We selected AQUAOSO since it directly addresses our challenge of how we apply new technologies to make agriculture and water systems more resilient in the face of climate threats. said Chris Krohn, Challenge Manager at OpenIDEO. “AQUAOSO’s unified, automated platform helps buyers, sellers and communities make better decisions through market intelligence.”
Mr. Peacock is a sought after water expert and speaker. He was recently appointed as a Smart Water Advisor for an international research group. He also was recently interviewed for the recently released publication, Water – An Impact Investment Primer for Family Offices and Foundations, a joint project of The ImPact and CREO.
AQUAOSO™ is a water rights management and trading platform. Our platform provides transparency and insight into water right transactions for all stakeholders. We enable smart water markets with data and IoT devices to increase the efficient allocation of water while enhancing agricultural value. We can unlock the true value of water, encouraging conservation and the efficient allocation of water in the face of extreme weather events and urban growth while protecting our food supplies and social contracts with agriculture. A Better Way to Water Trade.
Media Contact
Chris Peacock, Founder and CEO
Phone:  916.949.5678
About OpenIDEO Water Resilience Challenge:
OpenIDEO is a global open innovation platform that builds collaborative communities to address pressing social and environmental issues. In online Challenges, offline Chapters and targeted programs, OpenIDEO enables innovators anywhere to apply design thinking towards generating social impact.

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