AQUAOSO and the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator – on the Mark Haney Podcast

How the 2019 Techastars Sustainability Accelerator put AQUAOSO in a position to do more good


AQUAOSO is a graduate of the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator. Like all startups, it has had to overcome many obstacles and challenges. Unlike many startups, though, a clear driving purpose, galvanized in the Techstars program, has made overcoming those challenges a privilege rather than a chore. That purpose statement, in summary, is a water-resilient future for the whole world.

It should be easy for people to value water risk. As a public benefit corporation, the well being of people and communities, as well as the fulfillment of its mission, have always been key pillars of the AQUAOSO company DNA.

The experience at the 2019 Techstars Sustainability Accelerator has helped AQUAOSO position itself to carry out these goals.

Originally featured on the Mark Haney Podcast

In this session, you’ll learn about:


  • The background of CEO and Founder, Chris Peacock
  • The problems in the water sector that created AQUAOSO – the solution
  • How water issues are already global and how AQUAOSO exists to scale and solve these issues
  • AQUAOSO’s history in terms of challenges and growth as a startup
  • How one of AQUAOSO’s key pivots as an organization came from listening to and understanding their customers
  • The company’s rigorous and very positive experience with the 2019 Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy
  • The cross-functionality of AQUAOSO’s team and strategy

Working with Techstars and The Nature Conservancy has, in the end, allowed AQUAOSO to better help its clients, communities, and environment through scalable water risk tools and a social ethos that works toward global water resiliency.

Put trended water and land data to work for you.

Assessing water risk is made easy through AQUAOSO’s flexible software modules. We support the operating environment of the modern agricultural economy.

From Our Clients

Learn why more than 20% of California Agricultural Lenders trust AQUAOSO.

“Using AQUAOSO has helped me cut down on research time and has provided me more water information than ever before! It is now the first step in my loan underwriting process and it has allowed me to devote more time toward expanding our loan portfolio.”

Laura Maffei

SVP, Community West Bank

“I have been continually impressed with AQUAOSO’s commitment to customer service. We use the Mapping and Research Tool and at our request AQUAOSO expanded the information covered in their reports. This eliminated the need to visit multiple websites to gather information and we’ve been happy with the result!”

Melissa Sandlin

Sr. Appraiser, American AgCredit

“Over the past several months of utilizing the AQUAOSO platform, it has allowed me to provide clear and concise information to our collateral department and appraisers, to speed the process along. I have also been able to utilize it in working with customers to complete required sources of irrigation forms, with information from a single source rather than sending them to chase down documents from multiple agencies. This has saved a us up to two weeks and helped us to meet deadlines.”

Josh Ollenberger

Regional Sales Officer, CGB AgriFinancial

“I love how user friendly AQUAOSO’s research tool is and how fast it is to generate detailed water and soil reports, which are perfect for gathering parcel information for our loans.”

Juli Bakker

Golden State Farm Credit

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