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Landmark groundwater regulations and increasingly unpredictable surface water supplies coupled with information scarcity makes buyers and sellers want to know more information than ever before.

History of California Water

  • Worsening cyclical droughts
  • Even in years of plenty, millions of acre feet are diverted away from farms 
  • SGMA cuts off farm access to farms reliable source of water   
  • Still difficult if not impossible to get answers from water districts 
  • In the last 12 years, 1 million acres of farmland went fallow and 10,000 farms went out of business (Ag Census) 
  • 750,000+ more acres predicted to go out of production (PPIC) 

Many Are Far Behind


Real estate agents that rely on the traditional two sources of water analysis, well pump test, and SGMA warning will have unhappy buyers, who feel uninformed and won’t be repeat customers, and worse – won't spread positive word of mouth. 

While Others Are Ahead


Agents who quickly provide buyers and sellers in-depth water, property, and valuation information will have happy clients and smooth transactions. These agents can also identify prospects and comp properties with ease.

Imagine maximizing your sales velocity while being your client’s go to trusted real estate advisor who tell all their friends about you and come to you whenever they have real estate needs.

Info you need, at the click of a button.


AQUAOSO’s water risk research and reporting tool helps you identify and understand water risks and farm characteristics within seconds, perfect for efficiently: 

Identifying a property's assets and characteristics for valuation and comparable sales.
Finding and familarizing yourself with prospects before the first meeting.
Generating reports and maps for listings, marketing materials, and informing clients.

With AQUAOSO's Mapping and Research tool you can generate multi-parcel reports on-demand, providing you detailed water information for your underwriting. Report information includes:


Water District & Historical Allocations

GSA and Basin Risk Points

Well Completion Reports

Water Right Ownership & Status

Groundwater Recharge Capabiilty Index

Soil Classification & Quality

Parcel, Flood, & Soil Maps

Date Stamped for Relevancy

What Our Customers are Saying


“AQUAOSO’s powerful research tool helps give me a deep understanding of water and soil assets on a property even before the first site visit.” - Marc Schuil, Owner

Schuil & Associates
Diversified Real Estate

“Using AQUAOSO has helped me cut down on research time and has provided me more water information than ever before! It is now the first step in my loan underwriting process and it has allowed me to devote more time toward expanding our loan portfolio.”- Laura Maffei, SVP

Community West Bank

“I love how user friendly AQUAOSO’s research tool is and how fast it is to generate detailed water and soil reports, which are perfect for gathering parcel information for our loans.” - Juli Bakker

Golden State Farm Credit

“At Porterville Citrus, we are always looking out for our growers’ best interests so when we realized AQUAOSO’s ability to provide a deeper understanding of our growers’ water risk, we knew they were the clear choice. Thanks to AQUAOSO, we have an even deeper understanding of both our growers’ water assets and water threats, which has put Porterville Citrus in a much stronger position to mitigate than ever before.”- Jim Phillips, President

Porterville Citrus

"I have been continually impressed with AQUAOSO’s commitment to customer service.   We use the Mapping and Research Tool and at our request AQUAOSO expanded the information covered in their reports.  This eliminated the need to visit multiple websites to gather information and we’ve been happy with the result!” - Melissa Sandlin, Sr. Appraiser

American Ag Credit

AQUAOSO is dedicated to helping the ag industry prosper even in the face of increasing water risk, in pursuit of building a water resilient future for California. Water scarcity is a personal issue impacting the members of the AQUAOSO team as we are a local team of farmers, water experts, water lawyers, and software engineers. We pride ourselves on being there for our customers and have received a 9/10 for customer satisfaction from our more than 100 annual subscribers.

Meet the Team


Christopher Peacock

Founder & CEO
MBA, 18 years in Water
Founder, Water Innovation Project
Water tech and operations leader

chris brighter

Cameron Burford

Co-founder & Head of Growth
JD/MBA, 3rd Generation Farmer
McGeorge School of Law & U.O.P.
Agriculture and Land Management

Ken Hunt

Senior Software Architect
Engineering software systems for 30 years
Web, Mobile, Modeling & Simulation

Kennneth B Hunt, Smooth Complexion

Jeff Parrish

Head of Technology
SaaS Development and Scaling
Neuroscience and Machine Learning

Blake Atkerson

Water and Data Strategist
J.D., LLM Water Resources Law
Data Connoisseur

Blake son of atker
LinkedIn Crop

Chelsea Horn

Account Executive
MBA, 3rd Generation Farmer

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