AQUAOSO Officially Launches In Washington And Oregon

Sep 1, 2020 | Blog, Press Release

For Immediate Release  

AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC, a California based, but remotely operated, water risk management technology company has tripled its service area with the addition of Washington and Oregon to their Water Security Platform.


“This is a very exciting growth milestone for us,” said AQUAOSO CEO Chris Peacock. “We originally started the company to help California agricultural lenders identify water risk in their lending operations. With the addition of Washington State and Oregon, we have broadened our reach across the agricultural economy.”


AQUAOSO’s Water Security Score geolocates agricultural loans, investments and operations in the context of water related risks. The nation’s top banks, farm credits and agricultural investors leverage AQUAOSO’s advanced research, mapping, and portfolio management tools on a daily basis to understand and reduce the financial risks associated with their loan and investment portfolios.

The AQUAOSO Water Security Platform provides its users with access to advanced analytics in an easy to use map-based SaaS platform that aggregates millions of data points across traditionally disparate data sets. Users can discover and analyze water risk and security on a per parcel basis, or across entire operations. Customers can also get accurate, up to date insights on other factors like soil analysis, endangered species, wetlands, water rights, wells and more.

AQUAOSO is continuing its expansion efforts into Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Arizona next.



AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to build a water resilient future through Intelligent Trust. AQUAOSO uses data science and machine learning to provide meaningful insight into water data and provide advanced water risk management and mitigation tools for organizations facing water scarcity. Banks, investors, insurers and analysts use AQUAOSO tools daily to identify, understand, monitor and mitigate water-related risks.


Media Contact:

Mark Jackson, Head Of Marketing

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