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Apr 29, 2021 | Blog, Press Release

For Immediate Release  

April 29, 2021 — AQUAOSO was recently featured in the agricultural publication Western FarmPress in an article titled, “Investors, lenders have tools to measure water risk.”

AQUAOSO CEO and Founder Chris Peacock as well as Co-Founder Cameron Burford were interviewed by Western FarmPress to discuss the implications of increasing water stress in the American West to the agricultural sector. The AQUAOSO leaders also give insight into the role technology and data will have in mitigating these increasing risks.

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AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to build a water resilient future through Intelligent Trust. AQUAOSO uses data science and machine learning to provide meaningful insight into water data and provide advanced water risk management and mitigation tools for organizations facing water scarcity. Banks, investors, insurers and analysts use AQUAOSO tools daily to identify, understand, monitor and mitigate water-related risks.


Media Contact:

Mark Jackson, Head Of Marketing

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