I'm a water seller...

Water Markets are Working in the Past

The process for selling water is an archaic, complicated and non-transparent process. The fragmented water markets has been destroying the true value of water by hundreds of millions of dollars. Plus the length of time, the high risk and the transaction costs can make it prohibitively unattractive to do business. Once you do figure out how to price your water rights, you still have to find buyers looking for your water.

A Smart, Connected Water Marketplace

AQUAOSO is a unified, automated water trading platform to buy, sell and research water rights. Through the unification of fragmented data sources, connections to field devices (IoT) and market mechanics, AQUAOSO helps agricultural, environmental and water district buyers, sellers and managers:

  • Save money and time on transaction costs,
  • Make money on unallocated or unused water,
  • Save time through automation,
  • Reduce risk through intelligent market insight, and
  • Encourage conservation.

The AQUAOSO platform connects seller, buyers, and water managers with the information they need to make more informed decisions through a series of software modules:

Buy & Sell

Self-service Auctions

Automated Transactions

IoT Device Measurement

Water Portfolio Management

Water Research Tools

Water Market Analytics

Water Risk Analysis