I'm a water buyer...

It’s Not a Buyer’s Market

Right now there’s no real water market for water buyers to turn to. You can’t just go to the store and find some on the shelf or look up water rights holders in a central directory. Even more frustrating is that before you look for a seller, there are a number of steps you have to take to see if you can actually buy water rights. The kicker is that you have to do all this research on your own. This makes for a very risky, lengthy and costly water trading process and at the end you may still be wondering if you paid the right price.

There is an easier way.

Make Smarter Decisions Through Market Intelligence

AQUAOSO is a unified, automated water trading platform to buy, sell and research water rights - Like Zillow, for Water. Through the unification of disparate data sources, connections to field devices (IoT) and market mechanics AQUAOSO helps agricultural, environmental and water district buyers, sellers and managers:

  • Save money on transaction costs,
  • Make money on unallocated or unused water,
  • Save time through automation,
  • Reduce risk through intelligent market insight, and
  • Encourage conservation.

The AQUAOSO platform connects seller, buyers, and water managers with the information they need to make more informed decisions through a series of software modules:

Buy & Sell

Self-service Auctions

Automated Transactions

IoT Device Measurement

Water Portfolio Management

Water Research Tools

Water Market Analytics

Water Risk Analysis