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Water Risk Decision Support Tools

The information you need to identify risk and make better decisions is now available at your fingertips.

Better decision making in the age of SGMA

Designed specifically to meet the needs of due diligence and underwriting, AQUAOSO provides research and risk analysis tools for lenders, appraisers, lawyers and researchers. With custom reports and on demand research available, you can finally understand water related risks for:

  • Operating loans,
  • Real estate transactions,
  • Source water planning, and
  • Farm water budgets.

The AQUAOSO Water Risk and Decision Support tool provides users with numerous options for reporting and mapping. With more than 20 data sets and our own proprietary research, you will not find a more comprehensive set of water data available today in one place.

Individual Parcel Reports

SGMA and GSA Analytics

Self-service Research

Compliance and Reporting

Water Portfolio Management

Water Mapping Tools

Water Market Analytics

Water Risk Analysis

AQUAOSO provides complete turn-key services. Our web based platform will help you identify the current state of water risk for specific parcels. Additionally:

  • Only AQUAOSO's approach to data ensures you have access to practical water reports for current and potential borrowers.
  • AQUAOSO is cloud based, and as such, requires no additional staff or IT resources, even as you continue to add new users.
  • AQUAOSO is a risk-free solution to hiring, training, implementing and maintaining water resources personnel and data software of your own.
  • With our evergreen updates, you will never have to pay maintenance fees or pay to update or upgrade the system.
  • AQUAOSO is California based, with an expert team in water, agriculture and data sciences.

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