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Thinking about establishing a groundwater credit market for your GSA?

There is a better way to water trade!

The technology to manage your GSA market will need to incorporate various data sets, the rules of engagement and broader design in an easy to use interface. The AQUAOSO trading platform is a turn key solution that can help you

  • save time,
  • save money and
  • reduce risk

by leveraging existing cloud based solutions that can incorporate your specific needs, including:

  • Potential for multiple basin zones
  • Trading rules that can be managed across your member base
  • Groundwater shares/credits, fallowing, banking and recharge programs
  • Administration management tools and portals
  • User tools and portals
  • Integration with well and meter data
  • SGMA Reporting
  • Technology partnerships

Most importantly, AQUAOSO helps you save time and money while reducing risks - so you can focus on long-term water management!

To learn more on how AQUAOSO can help your GSA with Groundwater Markets, contact us today and instantly download a copy of our whitepaper "Enabling Smart Water Markets."


Start buying or selling water based on its true value, take the guesswork out of the process and take advantage of a robust marketplace.

We are currently in beta mode with transactions in California, Nevada and Arizona. Sign up for your free account today!