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B Corp Certification

By Chris Peacock | Jun 3, 2017

We are excited to announce that we have officially been granted pending B Corporation Certification status with B Lab. Over the next year we will build on our commitment for AQUAOSO to be used as a force for good. Inc. Magazine has called B Corp Certification, “the highest standard for socially responsible businesses.” Our commitment…


By Chris Peacock | Jun 3, 2017

At AQUAOSO(TM) we believe there is a better way to manage our water resources. Starting with the way we trade. Leveraging state of the art technologies, deep expertise in the water market, stakeholder engagement and a team rooted in California innovation, AQUAOSO delivers solutions to solve our existing and future water challenges. AQUAOSO is a…

AQUAOSO Launches

By Chris Peacock | Jun 3, 2017

AQUAOSO, a water rights management and trading platform, will soon be launching from the lab of The Water Innovation Project. AQUAOSO is a technology platform designed to enable transparent, stakeholder engaged, water markets. It connects buyers, sellers and water managers to robust tools and analytics to save money and make more informed decisions. The platform…

The Team

By Chris Peacock | Jun 3, 2017

The AQUAOSO team members are highly dedicated to the water sector and include the brightest minds in the industry. Our team includes individuals with deep expertise in: water industry analysis and research; agriculture and stakeholder engagement; water market and policy design business strategy and operations; innovative technology, data analytics and platform development; and water law.…