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Water Resiliency for the Ag Economy with AQUAOSO’s Chris Peacock

By Chris Peacock | Dec 1, 2018

Chris Peacock, founder and CEO of AQUAOSO Technologies, discusses building a water resilient future for the ag economy. In Chris’ second stint on The Water Values Podcast, he discusses a wide range of water risk assessment in the ag sector from banks to investors to growers and from the diversity of crops grown and water…

Now Hiring – AQUAOSO Water & Data Internship

By Chris Peacock | Oct 11, 2018

Who We Are … AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC is a public benefit corporation on the cutting edge of water and technology. Our dedicated team is working towards a water resilient future using innovative, ethical technology as a tool to tackle 21st century water issues. As a public benefit corporation we believe that people, place, and community…

AQUAOSO® Officially Launches Water Risk Intelligence Tools

By Chris Peacock | Sep 27, 2018

PRESS RELEASE       For Immediate Release AQUAOSO® Officially Launches Water Risk Intelligence Tools for Identifying, Understanding and Monitoring Water Risk. Folsom, CA – September 27, 2018 –  AQUAOSO® Technologies PBC, a software company that helps customers identify, understand and monitor water supply risks has officially unveiled their Water Risk Intelligence Tools for the agricultural economy. The…

Water + Blockchain

By Chris Peacock | May 5, 2018

Our CEO was recently interviewed for a Global Water Intelligence article on blockchain in water. Check out the entire article here. 20180216-GWI-Blockchain-Article

Pacific Council on International Policy

By Chris Peacock | May 3, 2018

Christopher Peacock participated at the inaugural Water Scarcity event last December, organized by the Pacific Council on International Policy. He discussed water rights in California and the use of big data. “Today there are existing water markets in California and the western United States, but they are non-transparent and highly fragmented.” Read more here: Pacific…

AWRA Hackathon Article

By Chris Peacock | Mar 5, 2018

Chris explores his insights into hosting a water-energy nexus hackathon in the American Water Resources Association magazine. With 5 goals, listed below, he set out to change the way we engage with water from a technology perspective. Read more by downloading the entire article here: AWRA Hackathon Article 1) Engage a variety of water industry…

Five future #SmartWater and #WaterMarket observations

By Chris Peacock | Nov 27, 2017

Below are five observations that I will be expanding upon in three of my upcoming presentations on the future of #smartwater and #watermarkets. Water-as-a-service is very different than water-as-a-commodity. Think central vs decentralized treatment, municipal vs. bottled, irrigation districts vs. water rights. Solving real water issues – whether climate change related, municipal delivery, storage, the…

December 2017 Events

By Chris Peacock | Nov 27, 2017

Join us as we discuss the future of water markets at the upcoming Pacific Council Water Conference on December 1st. I’ll be outlining three big ideas in #SmartWater @ BlueTech’s end of year Water Almanac Web Briefing on Thursday, December 7th. Our next Demo Day will take place at Valley Ventures on December 8th.

3 rules before implementing a Groundwater Credit Pilot

By Chris Peacock | Nov 18, 2017

CONSIDER THESE 3 RULES BEFORE IMPLEMENTING A PILOT GROUNDWATER CREDIT MARKET. Implementing a groundwater credit market in California is fraught with risk. If done correctly, however, you will have a solid platform for managing towards your sustainability goals. We think a pilot market makes sense when these three rules are met: YOUR STAKEHOLDERS ARE ENGAGED…

5 steps for developing a successful Groundwater Credit Market.

By Chris Peacock | Nov 17, 2017


Four Echo-Chamber Truths Impairing Your Sales in #WaterTech

By Chris Peacock | Nov 17, 2017

Originally posted as a LinkedIn article. You know that #WaterTech sales have an 18-month cycle, right? And that water utilities are slow to adopt new technologies because they are risk adverse? And that the market is fragmented? Why would anyone want to sell in this environment? It’s slow, complicated and low margin. Or, perhaps that…

My Dirty #Entrepreneur Secret

By Chris Peacock | Nov 15, 2017

Originally posted on LinkedIn I was raised in an entrepreneurial family. My father was the ultimate salesman – selling mobile homes – or more commonly referred to as trailers at the time. After a decade selling new homes for other companies, in the late 80’s, he and my mom started “Peacocks’ Mobile Homes” from a…

The power of IoT, AI, Blockchain and Hustle in #Water

By Chris Peacock | Nov 4, 2017

Sitting in a dark room with a muted screen, I ponder the implications of water enabled by technology. I’ve said it for years – the ROI on technologies for water that don’t actually touch, treat or move water will be HUGE. The capital costs are lower than installing pipes, pumps, treatments and conveyance systems and…

5 Reasons California Agriculture Will Not Buy Your Technology

By Chris Peacock | Nov 1, 2017

Originally posted by Christopher Peacock on LinkedIn Before I launch into this, realize one thing: California Agriculture DOES want tech. The farmers we have met with over the past 12 months, from small family farms to large corporate entities and everything in between, are excited about innovation in Agriculture. They see advancements in technology as…

12 months of learning @AQUAOSO

By Chris Peacock | Oct 24, 2017

Entrepreneurship is personal. It can be a lonely road. And starting any new venture is risky. Doing it in the water sector especially takes grit. #Waterpreneurship is not for everyone. For those undertaking the journey, there are abundant resources to help along the way, although most don’t capture the level of intensity necessary to move…

Avoid the Pitfalls of a Groundwater Credit Market

By Chris Peacock | Oct 10, 2017

There is a Better Way to Trade. AQUAOSO can assist you in navigating a groundwater credit market by providing the right water trading platform to collect high quality, transparent water data to help mitigate potential conflicts and act as a dispute resolution tool. You will save time and money while reducing overall risk. To learn more,…