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"AQUAOSO’s platform will assist and facilitate with identifying water rights holders and other water users who are interested in buying, selling or leasing water, which helps remove what often is unknown - who has what water and is willing to transfer water ..."

Wes Milliband - Water Attorney

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Simple, confidential water right listings. Protect your identity until an offer is accepted. No fees to list, only if a sale is completed.

Portfolio Management

Begin building your water portfolio. As we expand and grow, you will eventually be able to manage your compliance online for any water you own.

Real People

A live human being to help navigate the entire transaction process.

Market Access

Access to any water for sale on our platform.


We verify ALL water listings on our platform are being sold by actual sellers and brokers.


You'll have access to decades of water transaction expertise. Let us help you navigate this complicated world!

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