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The information you need to identify risk and make better decisions is now available at your fingertips.


Better decision making in the age of SGMA


Designed specifically to meet the needs of due diligence and underwriting, AQUAOSO provides research and risk analysis tools for lenders, appraisers, lawyers and researchers. With custom reports and on demand research available, you can finally understand water related risks for:

Operating Loans

Real Estate Transactions

Source Water Planning

Farm Water Budgets

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The AQUAOSO Mapping and Research tool provides users with numerous options for reporting and mapping. Combining public data sets with our own proprietary research, you will not find a more comprehensive set of water data available today in one place.


Individual Parcel Reports

SGMA and GSA Analytics

Self-service Research

Compliance and Reporting

Water Portfolio Management

Water Mapping Tools

Water Market Analytics

Water Risk Analysis

What Our Customers are Saying


“Using AQUAOSO has helped me cut down on research time and has provided me more water information than ever before! It is now the first step in my loan underwriting process and it has allowed me to devote more time toward expanding our loan portfolio.”

Community West Bank

“AQUAOSO’s powerful research tool helps give me a deep understanding of water and soil assets on a property even before the first site visit.” 

Schuil & Associates

“At Porterville Citrus, we are always looking out for our growers’ best interests so when we realized AQUAOSO’s ability to provide a deeper understanding of our growers’ water risk, we knew they were the clear choice. Thanks to AQUAOSO, we have an even deeper understanding of both our growers’ water assets and water threats, which has put Porterville Citrus in a much stronger position to mitigate than ever before.”

Porterville Citrus

"I have been continually impressed with AQUAOSO’s commitment to customer service.   We use the Mapping and Research Tool and at our request AQUAOSO expanded the information covered in their reports.  This eliminated the need to visit multiple websites to gather information and we’ve been happy with the result!”

— MELISSA SANDLIN, Sr. Appraiser
American Ag Credit

“I love how user friendly AQUAOSO’s research tool is and how fast it is to generate detailed water and soil reports, which are perfect for gathering parcel information for our loans.”

Golden State Farm Credit
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Impacts of SGMA on agricultural lending and real estate.

Learn how technology can help you identify, understand and mitigate water related risks in the age of SGMA.

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Water Risk is Complicated


Unpredictability of groundwater and surface water supplies renders the traditional "two sources of water" analysis woefully insufficient.  

This change forces prudent ag. professionals into a long frustrating water research process resulting in unanswered questions and still needing to validate soil and land info. 

See how AQUAOSO can help


AQUAOSO is a team of California farmers, water experts, water lawyers, and software engineers dedicated to helping the ag industry become water resilient. Learn how AQUAOSO saves time, eliminates headaches, and mitigates risk for:

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Lending a Hand to California Agriculture


Learn how water risk impacts California agriculture and lending.

Identifying water risk in the age of SGMA is complicated. Learn how to identify, understand, and mitigate water risk.