Building Resilient Communities through Smarter Water Markets


The process for buying and selling water rights is broken

The experts agree - we need to repair the system for water transactions. Right now existing water markets lock away the true value of water and mute pricing signals that could otherwise lead to efficient allocations. This results in confused markets, costing our communities, food producers and environment their ability to build resilient systems.

A Better Way to Water Trade

AQUAOSO is a water rights management and trading platform that provides transparency and insights into water rights transactions to enable smart water markets and watersheds. With better decisions through market intelligence you can save money, make money, save time, reduce risk and encourage water conservation.

AQUAOSO is developing an advanced water management and trading platform for California and around the globe.


Building smarter water markets

Learn how technology can create more efficient water right markets.

Experts explain the complicated nature of water right management, and ways in which we can build more efficient water markets.



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