AQUAOSO™ is a water rights management and trading platform. Our platform provides transparency and insight into water right transactions for all stakeholder. We help customers identify, manage, buy and sell water rights while significantly reducing water transfer transaction times. It gives regulatory agencies insight into water transfers and automates water right transactions.


helps buyers, sellers and communities make better decisions through market intelligence.

Water Right Transactions are complicated

Water right transactions are complicated, expensive and non-transparent
  • No Visibility

    Owners of water rights don’t
    have insight into market rates for selling their water and can not easily identify who would be willing to buy their water.

  • Loss of Money

    Transfers that do take place
    can be highly complicated and

  • Difficulty Selling

    When owners do not have a
    unified place to buy and sell
    it is difficult to grasp the true market.

  • Fragmented Buying

    Buyers of water rights don’t know who is selling water or how much they should pay.

  • Economic Change

    The public is requiring greater transparency - especially in light of contamination, climate variability and ongoing drought.

  • Loss of Time

    When people take time to complete a sale that does not go through, it results in wasted time and efforts.


What We Do

  • Buy / Sell

    Traditional water sales enabled through advanced technology – reducing the time for a transfer to be completed. With automated reviews for transfers, brokers, buyers and sellers can focus on what matters most.

  • Auctions

    Auctions are an efficient way to maximize the value of water. With advanced rules engines and configurable options, your auctions can meet environmental and governmental restrictions while taking into consideration local stakeholders.

  • Manage

    Managing your water resources has never been easier. Inventory. Visualize. Monitor. Analyze. Integrations with ecosystem partner companies allows for seamless management.

  • Analytics

    Increased transparency allows us all to have better insight into our water resources. Designed for all stakeholders, this module provides deeper insights for all of us to make better decisions.

Start Trading Today

AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to increasing water resiliency through advanced technologies. We are currently engaging with beta users and building an advanced water trading platform. If you are interested in our work, contact us today!

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